Monday, April 15, 2013

Outdoor Playgrounds by Flexible Flyer

Flexible Flyer is a company that prides themselves on making the best home playgrounds available. Each year, there are new products to consider, chock full of more secure safety features and the latest in playtime entertainment for growing kids of all ages. They've made a career out of being the absolute best when it comes to outdoor amusements, and their playgrounds receive the highest customer reviews on a daily basis.

Three of their greatest playgrounds in 2013 are:


Flexible Flyer Backyard Fun Swing Set with Plays

Surprisingly affordable and constructed from the most durable materials, this bit of backyard fun features double swings, a curvy slide, a cuff-like trapeze, and 2 seesaws (one with gliding abilities) on each end. That is 5 different ways to play! It's built to accommodate several kids at once, with a recommended age range of up to 10-11 years old. The stability poles can be set into pre-dug holes to make the whole playground more secure.


Flexible Flyer Double Fun Swing Set

Perfect for a smaller backyard, this set is equipped with double swings, a bright blue slide, and a teeter-totter. It's great for younger kids or toddler-age siblings, while older kids can also play, with a recommended age range of 10 years and under. Durable and built to last, this play-set was constructed to withstand inclement weather conditions and the usual wear and tear of everyday play. Available in a stunning cerulean color, the set is inexpensive and simple to put together (instructions are included).


Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Swing Set

Constructed from quality steel, this playground has 3 durable and fun ways to play, starting with three side-by-side swings. The wave slide is attached to one end, while a teeter-totter is on the other end, allowing more up to 6 children to play at once.


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