Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Best Electric Scooters For 8-Year Olds

Your kids have probably advanced through their modes of transportation since they were toddlers, learning the balance and control required. Now they're ready for something different! The best scooters for 8 year olds (in the opinion of most 8-year olds) are electric because it allows your kids free reign over their feet and hands. Instead of worrying about pushing off to accelerate, their speedy increase is derived from the push of a button. However, parents are hesitant, asking questions like, "Are electric scooters safe?" and "How affordable are these new scooters?"

I've compiled a short list of the best electric scooters of 2013. Hopefully, whether you're a parent or just an adult looking to buy a kid-friendly gift for someone else's child, you'll find the following products helpful in your search for the perfect, safe scooter.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Sleek and sophisticated, this electric beauty is available in three tantalizing colors: blue, red, and pink. Ideal for beginner level, this scooter requires a manual kickoff to gain a speed of 3mph before the motor will kick in. A rider can cruise at a maximum speed of 10mph with 40 minutes of use per battery charge. The handlebar is adjustable, ensuring a perfect height match; whereas, the brake is located on the front for hand operation.


Mini Surfing Electric Scooter

Cruising at a top notch of 8-10mph, this scooter is super quiet with a barely-there motor that is quick to charge. Each battery power-up will last 40 minutes; however, the charger is easy to store and lightweight for carrying, making it possible to charge almost anywhere with an outlet. The rider seat is removable for a stand-up ride, while the whole scooter folds at the deck for compact storage. There's also a rider weight limit of 135 pounds, meaning this scooter could serve the purpose of your child for years (or even decades) to come.


Find more selection of both electric and kick scooters for kids 8 years of age:

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