Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Backyard Shopping: A Wooden Swing Set

When you have kids, you should automatically accept that a play area would almost immediately occupy any backyard space. More than likely, any number of wood swing sets will dominate your yard for years to come; therefore, you'll need a strategy. What is your swing set options? Will these choices be safe, durable, and long lasting, awarding your growing children with hours of daily play? Take this advice into consideration.

1. Measure and Add

If you're investing in a Gorilla Great Skye Wooden Swing Set, you'll need to add at least 6-8 feet of "fall zone" space for running, swinging, and sliding. Not to mention, that particular play-set, and many like it, are equipped with multiple decks, double slides, a rock wall, several swings, and all the things to make several children very happy for a very long time. Measure your backyard, add your "fall zone" space, and see which wooden swing set would best suit your needs.

2. Ask about accessories

When your kids hear about your hopes of getting a swing set, they'll be thrilled! So happy, in fact, that they'll likely start asking you for accessories and gadgets to make the playground twice as fun. There are tons to choose from! For instance, the Swing-N-Slide Yukon Wood Swing Set features a rock wall, knotted-rope pirate's ladder, straight slide, and a few swings. Kids can swing, climb, slide, and pretend all at the same time!

3. Say yes to a warranty

Sometimes, the reviews about the durability of a swing set can be wrong. That's when you'll need to revert back to your warranty -- a free and clear plan that should be awarded to you with the purchase of your new playground. It allows for replacements, damage reports, and refunds in the event you're unhappy with the product.

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