Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sand and Water Tables For Learning

Most teachers have to buy their own classroom equipment. This includes anything special that the teacher would consider a fun and appealing way for kids to learn. Sand and water tables are on that list! For elementary (or homeschool) classrooms, these tables are perfect for teaching children about the natural elements. They'll build, learn, and create using a simple combination of 2 materials, keeping a positive and amused attitude throughout the class.

With that in mind, the most popular S&W tables for classroom uses are:


International Playthings Sand and Water Activity Table

For smaller classrooms or even homeschooling classes, this table is considered a top-quality product of durable plastic construction and unique design. Several of these tables would be inexpensive when bought in bulk, each featuring separate sand and water compartments, 8 cool toys, and a plastic lid for covering when not in use. Perfect for the permanent outdoors addition to any recess area, these tables are well protected and built to last through years of flourishing students.


ECR4Kids Sand and Water Play Table with Cover

The title says it all! These sand and water tables come with three compartments for water, sand, and a combination segment for mixing. The best part is, each table can be fitted against another table to make stations of up to 10 sand and water play areas. For only $550, 10 students can fit in a circular setting, learning about the combination of 2 unique elements and how to work with them. Each table is equipped with a removable cover to protect a day's lesson.


Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark

This set is perfect for preschool or kindergarten. Each table fits up to 4 kids at a time, complete with water and sand segments, toys, and built-on slides for the cute figurines to take a swim.

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