Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your Kids, Their Friends, & Playhouses

Backyard playhouses are where every little girl and boy will want to be when the summer swelter hits. Do you remember romping in your neighborhood with your group of friends until the outside lights clicked on? It was a carefree feeling; one of independence and personal freedom that so many kids seem to lack nowadays. And there was always that one house where everyone would gather because cookies, lemonade, tree forts, and the great things about summer happened there. It was a paradise in the mind of every preteen and post-toddler on the block!

Now, you have the chance to be the safe haven for your kids and their friends. Plus, your kids will be the popular talks of the neighborhood, while you'll gain status as the "cool mom" or "super awesome dad."

Even if your children choose not to share their summer retreat with others in their community, playhouses give kids a reason to go outdoors and enjoy nature. Too many are stuck inside with a television or video games as their only companions, when there is so much to enjoy right outside their back door.

Some of the current popular choices for outside fun are:


KidKraft My Woodland Playhouse

Complete with paned windows on every wall for a 360 view, this cottage-style playhouse is lined on every windowsill with flowerpots and little decorations. The inside can hold multiple mini-occupants, whereas the outside is equipped with a grill counter for those mock BBQ meals.

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Step2 Gather & Grille Playhouse

The built-in grill and 2-seater bench are great for entertaining several tykes at one time. The large windows and Dutch door offer optimum opportunity for your little ones to amuse their closest friends. Colorful and cozy, this playhouse has all the perks of home without the hassle of chores.

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