Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Toys for Kids Age 12, 13, 14, 15 (2009-2010)

For parents and toy shoppers for kids and young teens - what are the best toys for kids age 12, 13, 14 or 15?  Based on some information from Toy Wishes magazine as well as some research I myself did on kids toys in this age range, here are the Top 5 Toys for Kids Age 12 to 15:

1.  7n1 Maxus Drago Bakugan (Kids 5-15 years) - This one comes up on almost all of the age ranges for kids - and is generally a good choice for a boy age 12-15 years.  (Probably especially for the younger end of that spectrum.)  At any rate, this is the hottest Bakugan around - and Bakugan toys are very hot right now!  =)  He is a compilation of 7 different Bakugan toys to make one rather awesome Bakugan monster.  Good choice for any Bakugan fan.

2.   Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition (Kids 13 and older) - The Scene It? games truly have taken on a life of their own.  These are not only popular with kids 13 and older, but often families play them together and they're quite a bit of fun.  The "Twilight" Deluxe Edition has taken "front and center" stage for the holiday season 2009 and into 2010.


3.  Lego Star Wars Battle of Endor (Kids 9-14 years) - Lego has done it again - another "Lego Star Wars" toy that is topping them all this year.  It's based on the scene "Battle of Endor" from the Star Wars movies and is a great gift for anyone who is a Star Wars fan.  (Especially a good gift for a boy in this age range.)

4.  Snap Circuits Toys (Kids 8-14 years) - Here we are sort of "breaking out of the mold" of movie and character based toys into the world of science.  There are a number of different kits to choose from in this lineup, all of them quite entertaining and a great way to learn about electronics at the same time!

5.  My First Lab Duoscope (Kids 9-18 years) - This microscope (called "duoscope") is getting rave reviews for it's great quality and usability by kids.  For young scientists this is a perfect gift, allowing kids to see both up close on slides and solid materials.   Interesting for kids who are already interested in science - or perhaps just could be!

The suggestions above - the best toys for kids age 12, 13, 14 and 15 are but a taste of what's available this Christmas holiday season and into 2010 -- if the list above for one reason or another doesn't fit your needs, here's where to check further:

I hope that this list and resources have been helpful for you!

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