Saturday, October 24, 2009

Top Toys for Girls Age 7-8 (2009-2010)

The toys that are considered "in" these days are quite a bit different than last year - if you are shopping for a girl in the age range of 7-8 years, there are a lot of toys to choose from.  Of all of them, the ones listed on this page are considered the "best of the best" - here are the Top Toys for Girls Age 7-8 for the Christmas holiday season 2009 and into 2010:

1.  Disney Netpal Computer (kids age 6-12) - This is a real "grownup" PC, but is geared toward kids with a (very) cute Disney theme and special parental controls for internet surfing and email communications.  It also has WiFi capability and generally all of the elements that a real computer has.  A very nice toy for kids who are in need of their own computer - it makes the perfect "first" for a PC.

2.  Jakks Girl Gourmet Sweets Candy Jewelry Kits (girls age 8-15) - There are various kits for girls to make their own candy jewels, then put them together as jewelry!  This is another great idea from Jakks for girls.  (Note:  There have been some negative consumer reviews regarding the oven in one of these kits - it does not come with a bulb, so if you decide to purchase this toy, just be prepared for that (the bulb required is a "40-watt 120V Small Base Candelabra Blunt Tip Light Bulb") - it's a good idea to have the bulb purchased before the toy is gifted if you decide on this kit.)

3.  Princess Tiana "Just One Kiss" Doll (girls age 3-10) - This is a lovely doll that is based on the movie scene from "Princess and the Frog".  The doll is wearing a lovely blue gown that lights up with special "firefly" lights and makes magical sound.  She even comes with the "frog" (Prince Naveen).  There are some other popular "Tiana" dolls as well.

4.  Jakks Pacific Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game (girls age 5-15)- Here is the perfect gift for a girl who loves Hannah Montana!  It's a guitar that functions as a controller for a music-playing video game.  Players can play along with famous Hannah Montana songs just like they are in the real band.
5.  Make Your Own Lip Balm (girls age 7 and older) - Cosmetic and "spa" type toys have really been on the "hot list" over the past few years!  This is a great toy for girls in this age range - they can create their own flavored lip glosses and even have real cosmetic containers to store them in.  Creative fun for little ladies.

There you have the list - the above are the Top Toys for Girls Age 7-8 by information gotten from Toy Wishes magazine as well as study of other "hot toy" lists.  One of the above should be a hit with girls in this age range, but if you would like to look further, here is a great place to check:
I hope that this list has helped you along with your toy shopping for this holiday season and beyond!

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