Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kids Computer Games - Top Picks Late 2009-2010

What are the best choices for kids computer games this year?  In the years past, there have been a bit more "slim pickins" for computer games specific to interests of children, but this year I am happy to see more that kids might enjoy.

On this page is a list of the best computer kids games this year - coming into the Christmas shopping season and likely will still be on the "hot list" going into 2010. For each of the games there are some quick shopping links to places online that are the best known for selection and discount pricing.

Here they are...

1.  Nancy Drew - Warnings at Waverly Academy for PC:  Nancy Drew games are not "new news" to the computer gaming lineup, and are the absolute favorites of some kids and adults alike.  The theme of this particular game?  Players (as Nancy) go undercover in a girls' academy to do some investigating on some not so nice activities going on.  Nancy works to solve mysteries while being a bit on the sneaky side to not get caught by those who are watching over what's happening at the school.  Formats:  Windows Vista | XP

2.  Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition for PC:  This is a game that has returned from last year's "hot list" and is one of the most enjoyable games ever.  Sim City fans love this one and it's the most creative challenges yet.  This is not a great choice for young gamers, but for kids who are about 12 and over it's a fun choice and is also a favorite for teens and young adults.  Formats:  Windows 98 | 2000 | ME | XP

3.  Zuma's Revenge for PC:  Here is a new one - at least to me!  =)  This game is a sequel to the original Zuma game with a newly evolved world and lots of fun ball blasting and new changes.  Per consumer reviews, this is one of the most enjoyable games specifically for the PC.  Formats:  Windows XP | Vista

4.  Zoo Tycoon Games for PC:   These are the games that intrigue me the most and seem to me like they might be the favorites for younger gamers.  Players can create their own zoo environments and play the game from a number of different aspects.  Very creative and fun for little ones - and "older ones" too! =)  Formats: (Varies, depending on the game.)

5.  Chuzzle Games for PC:  These are not really "new" but have maintained a place of their own in the list of best-selling PC games for kids.  Very funny and great effects, different modes and characters to play - a true favorite for kids and appears to be a favorite of younger kids too.  Formats:  Windows XP | 2000 | Me | 98 | Vista
My guess is that one of the above choices will be great for this year (2009) or early into 2010 in terms of favorite computer kids games - but if you would like to see more selection, Amazon is the perfect place to look.  Here is a link to all of the "kid appropriate" PC games at Amazon:
I hope this helps you out in your shopping endeavors this year if you're looking about for some appropriate and fun kids computer games - I have quite a bit of shopping to do myself, and have a little PC gamer to shop for this year!  =)  

All for today -

Tonya B.

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