Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kids PSP Games - Top 5 Best Picks Late 2009-2010

Alright parents and game shoppers for kids - I have done some digging up of the top sellers as of late 2009 of the top kids PSP games - these also have high ratings.  If you're shopping for Christmas 2009 or into 2010, at least one of these games would likely make a good choice:

1. Sega Genesis Collection for PSP:  Here is a sort of "blast from the past" for us gamers who played on the Sega Genesis but is also a good choice in variety and fun gaming for those who have never played them.  There is a total of 28 classic games with characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog (my favorite) and Ecco the dolphin - many more.

2.  Daxter for PSP:  This is a returning favorite from last year's PSP Kids Games "hot list" and is truly one of the most enjoyable games for the DS system.  Great graphics and a good story line - Daxter busily searching for his friend "Jak" and having some exciting adventures in the meantime.

3.  Disney Cars for PSP:  For little Disney Cars fans, this is a great game, and has received some nice reviews for the DS version.  Characters are quite funny - very much like the ones from the movie and the racing is a blast.

4.  SpongeBob SquarePants the Yellow Avenger for PSP:  This is another favorite returning from the hot sellers last year for those who appreciate the "Bob humor" it's hysterical.  Not the best game for very young gamers due to the playing instructions on the screen, but for those kids who can easily read this is a nice choice.

5.  Sonic Rivals for PSP:  There are a couple of versions to choose from with this PSP game for kids - Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2.  The game play starts out light and funny, and moves into more intense and challenging situations.
There you have the list - for those of you who are shopping for PSP games for kids, one of the above games should be a good pick - if you would like to see more games to choose from, the best shopping online I know of to get a good look at what's available is Amazon:
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