Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kids PS2 Games - Top 5 Games 2009-2010

If you are on the lookout for some great kids PS2 Games, here is the list of what are both the top sellers and very highly rated for the end of 2009 and into 2010:

1.  Kingdom Hearts for PS2 - Kingdom Hearts is one of the most creative video games ever made - it features a sort of "mish mash" of Disney characters combined with Final Fantasy.  Amazing, and is again among the tops sellers for PS2 kids games at the end of 2009.  Fun stuff and actually rather addictive.  =)

2.  Katamari Games for PS2 - There are a couple of great ones here, and I won't bother to try to pick a favorite - they're both fantastic and hilarious!  Katamari Demacy and We Love Katamari are both versions of increasingly loved and played games - one of the funniest themes ever with the creation of a huge mass of everything - practically sticking a huge amount of "stuff" together and it continues to get more and more shocking as the game goes along.  If you're up for some good laughs, this is an excellent choice.

3.  Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PS2 - For those who already love Sonic, these games are a blast.  The original games from the Sega Genesis are here, plus a number of others - all the more improved with the play on the PS2 system.  Great fun for (us) Sonic the Hedgehog fans!  =)

4.  Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures for PS2 - Hysterical, challenging - there is almost not enough that I can say about this set of games!  Young gamers love them and more experienced gamers as well.  These games go through the original Indiana Jones movies and there may be nothing funnier than "Indy" as a Lego character, among the other stars in the lineup.  Greeeat games.

5.   Wall-E for PS2 - Now - who honestly doesn't love this little guy?  The game version of Wall-E allows players to either play as the main character or as EVE, going through similar scenarios to the movie or even further and more outstanding adventures.  Great game for even the youngest of gamers.
There is the list of the best of the best PS2 Kids Games for this coming Christmas (2009) and beyond - I can tell you that for kids the games given above are a sure bet.

As a note - you might have noticed that the shopping resources have a familiar theme to them - that's because they truly are the best for prices online - between the resources at Amazon and eBay there is actually nowhere else online you will find PS2 games for kids - for less.

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