Friday, October 9, 2009

XBox Kids Games - Favorite Kids XBox Games Late 2009-2010

Although the XBox 360 gaming system is not tooooo well known for it's choices in games for children, there are some great XBox kids games available - and more this year than before.  Here is a list of the top selling XBox games for kids coming into the Christmas season for 2009 and 2010:

1.  Ghostbusters the Video Game for XBox - I was delighted to see this one in the kids XBox games lineup, and especially in the current top selling position!  I honestly never thought I would see this movie theme make a comeback but I'm glad it did.  However - the game is about "what happens after..." - what kind of events take place after all the spooks have been handled in Ghostbusters 2?  Fun stuff and a great choice for kids.  (Note:  There is a special "Slimer" edition for this game available as well!  =D)

2.   High School Musical 3 for XBox - Here is another game that I haven't seen until I started digging them up this year - fun gaming for little ones who love the High School Musical movies, and there are songs in the game that are featured in all 3 movies.  Players can use one of the familiar characters or create a unique one of their own.

3.  Viva Pinata Games for XBox - What an interesting and fun theme for kids on the XBox!  Players can create their own gardens and interact with live pinatas.   The gardens in the game can be "molded" according to the gamer's decisions.  There are two versions of the game - the original and the "Trouble in Paradise" version.

4.  Disney Pure for XBox - My feeling for this game is that it is best for kids who are more experienced gamers and who enjoy some seriously adventurous racing.  =)  This game is rather amazing for those who would enjoy that type of gaming, but is perhaps not the best choice for younger gamers.  Awesome effects and sounds.

5. Wall-E for XBox - You just gotta love Wall-E, he's about as adorable as they come.  This is a great game for younger gamers - simpler and easier to control and is a good introduction to learning how to interact and play on the XBox.   Wall-E or EVE can be the characters played, new or familiar environments can be played in.
I'm glad that there have been some fun and appropriate additions in the XBox Kids games lineup this year - much better than last.  One of the games above should work well if you're specifically shopping for a child, or you can find more to choose from here:
Happy game shopping!  =D

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