Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nintendo DS Kids Games - Best DS Games for Kids Late 2009-2010

For those of you shoppers who are searching out the "best of the best" Nintendo DS games for kids, here is a list of the top 5 best selling games for the DS that are appropriate for kids, along with some shopping info (where to have the best chance to buy them discount):

1.  Mario and Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story for DS:  This game is one of the newer Mario games I've seen pop up, and is the hottest seller of the Best DS games for Kids coming into Christmas season.  It is unique in that the game can be played from completely different viewpoints - players can even be Bowser striving to keep his domain from being taken over from another villain.  =)  Fun stuff.

2. New Super Mario Brothers for DS:  Here is a fun one, and is perfect for either new Mario fans or old-timers.  This is sort of a "souped up" version of the original Super Mario Brothers and is available in a number of different gaming formats, including the Nintendo DS.  

3.  Professor Layton Games for DS:  Here is a fun twist on gaming for kids - solve mysteries and puzzles, and more of the same are available by using WiFi - each week for a time after purchasing the game.  This is a lovely set of games for kids - it helps them exercise their "thinker"  =)!  (lol)  There are a couple of different versions of this game.

4.  Mario Kart for DS:  This is one that is returning from the "hot list" last year, and is gobs of fun.  Plenty of race tracks to choose from, there are even some unique for the DS system.  Up to 4 carts at a time can be played - you just gotta love Mario.  =)

5.  Fossil Fighters for DS:  Of all the DS kids games on the list, I found this one the most intriguing.  Kids can clean up dinosaur fossils and bring the creatures back to life.  Extremely creative and fun for kids - especially little ones who have a fascination with dinosaurs.  (Note - the dinosaurs are called "vivosaurs" in the game.)
If you have a young Nintendo DS gaming fan that you are shopping for, one of the games from the above list should make a great choice - the proof is in the reviews of the Nintendo DS Kids games, which are fabulous  =).

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