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Top 10 Girls Toys 2009-2010

For those shopping for a young lady this year and are not sure exactly what to look for, on this page you will find the Top 10 Girls Toys for 2009 and 2010 -- these are toys that are predicted to be the best-selling toys for the Christmas Holiday season 2009 and well into the 2010 year -- here they are:

1.  Zhu Zhu Pets (For girls age 3 and up) - These are more geared for girls on the younger age of this group - and are some of the hottest toys ever.  They are far and away the most popular and best selling toys - period.  Here's what these toys are about: They are very lifelike mechanical hamsters.  That might sound unlikely to you as a popular toy, but they are quite adorable - acting and sounding like the real thing.  Kids take care of them, and they can even have their own habitats to live in!

2.  Disney Netpal Computer in "Princess Pink" (For girls age 6-12) - This is actually a real PC for kids and makes the perfect "first real computer".  It has a cute Disney theme with the various characters and also features (important) additional parental control over browsing and email communication.  It has WiFi capability as well.  (There is a "Disney Blue" color for boys as well.)

3.   Girl Gourmet Sweets Candy Jewelry - This is definitely a hot seller and a great idea.  There are various types of candies that girls can make into jewelry pieces then put them together for jewelry to wear -- or to eat!  =)  A note on this group of toys -- there have been some complaints on the oven for the fact that it comes without a heating bulb and they have to be purchased elsewhere.  This is a downfall, but if you think that there is a girl that would love these toys (or "kits") it might be worth it to run out for the bulb!  There are also different types of kits to choose from.

4.   Princess and the Frog "Just One Kiss" Tiana Doll (For girls 3-10 years) - There are a few different Tiana dolls and toys from the movie "Princess and the Frog" but the one slated as being the most popular for this Christmas season is the "Just One Kiss" doll - it is based on the cute scene from the movie and comes complete with frog (Prince Naveen).

5.   Printies Design Studio (For girls 5 years and older) - I love these!  They are kits for girls to design their own stuffed animals on a computer, print them out onto special fabric then put them together themselves.  This allows girls to create their own favorite stuffed animal toys!  Great idea - and there are a number of the kits to choose from - all of which are adorable.
6.  Jakks Pacific G2 Game Girl Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game (For girls ages 5-15) - For any young lady who is a Hannah Montana fan, this might just be the ultimate gift this year.  It is a guitar, but is also the "control" for a video game where the player plays along with Hannah Montana songs, just like she was in the band!  A great idea for young ladies who are fans, or perhaps just would like a basic intro to guitar.
7.   Melissa and Doug Friendship Stamp Set (For girls 4-8 years) - For little ladies who enjoy colors and shapes as well as friendship, this is a terrific gift.  I almost can't say enough about the quality and creativity that Melissa and Doug put into their products - and this one is no exception.

 8.  International Playthings "My First Purse" (For girls age 2-3 years) - This is a lovely little purse with a fun colorful flower on the side - but that's not the best part!  The accessories are fun and entertaining - there is a wallet, keys, mirror, cell phone -- and even a debit card!  =D  This is a great gift for a little lady between 2 and 3 years old.

9.  LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game System (Pink) (For girls 4-8 years) - This is a great product from LeapFrog and seems to be the current "hottest" item from their lineup.  It is a handheld computer game with basic learning of letters, numbers, words and more.  And - it's a lot of fun!

10.  Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera (Pink) (For girls 3-10 years) - This is one of a few different brands of digital cameras for kids, but has risen to the top in terms of popularity.  It is a real camera but without the fragility of an "adult" version and allows kids to take their own pictures and more.  (There are other colors for the camera as well.)

There is the list!  The above toys make up the Top 10 Girls toys 2009-2010.  As mentioned above, these are the toys that are predicted to be the most popular - but every kid is different, eh?  =)  If you would like to see more, the a great place to find additional toys is right here:
I hope that this list has helped you find the best girls toys for either the holiday season 2009 or into 2010 - happy shopping!  =)

All for now -

Tonya B.

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