Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PS3 Kids Games Late 2009-2010 - Top 5 Picks

Earlier this year I posted some information regarding PS3 kids games - but there have been some new games released and I did some digging to find out which ones were the most loved by kids this year, and would be perfect presents for Christmas time or into 2010.

What's here:  On this page you will find a list of the hottest selling PS3 Games for Kids - these are the most highly rated games that kids love - and they're appropriate for little ones (rated E).  You will also find some great shopping resources for these games so make sure to give a good check to everything here - you might find some pretty amazing deals.  (Never hurts to save a few dollars here and there, eh?)

Top Kids PS3 Games 2009-2010:

1.  Katamari Forever -  Restore celestial bodies with new effects and new moves - over 50 "cousins" to use in action.
There are some additional shopping resources that you can check out just below:

2. Little Big Planet (Game of the Year Edition) - Last year, Little Big Planet became known as one of the hottest and most entertaining games on any gaming platform - period.  This year, the "Game of the Year" Edition promises to be even better!  =)
Here are some additional resources you can check as well (displaying both versions of the game):

3. Ghostbusters the Video Game - This game is one of the hottest selling for kids on the PS3 system, and is a fun, "What happens after Ghostbusters 2?" version. A bit of a surprise to me that this game and story has made such a comeback - fun game for kids!
Here are some additional resources to check it out too:

4. Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures - This was one of the top picks from last year, and it's back! =) A well deserved position in the hot selling list of PS3 games for kids. Hysterically funny and challenging as well.
Additional Shopping resources:

5. Wall-E - This game is another one that is "hot on the list" and coming back from last year. Gamers can play in similar environments as the movie or explore new territories. Wall-E is true to form in this game, and it's a perfect choice for all levels of gamers, even the very beginners.
Additional resources:

Well parents and otherwise shoppers for kids - If you are looking for a great PS3 Kids Game for Christmas or other occasion, the above list should at least point you in the right direction - and for the right price too! =)

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