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Top 10 Toys for Kids! (2009-2010)

OK parents and kids -- and otherwise toy shoppers!  It's that time of year again (boy it sure seems to roll around quickly doesn't it?).  At any rate - here are the Top 10 Toys for Kids 2009-2010 - these are the toys predicted to be the top sellers for "funnability" and high ratings for kids during the Christmas holiday season 2009 and beyond:
1.  Zhu Zhu Pets (kids 3+) - Yes ma'am these are some truly hot sellers.  They are mechanical hamsters that look and act just like the real thing.  There are even habitats for them to live and play in.  Very cute and are for kids around 3 and older.

Where to Buy:  Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters and Toys @

2.  Bakugan 7n1 Maxus Drago (Kids 5-15 years) - For Bakugan fans, this is the "ultimate" this year in toys.  He is not just any Bakugan, but is a combination of 7 toys put together to create the "ultimate Bakugan monster".  Lots of fun and a sure hit with the Bakugan fans.  =)

3.  Crayon Town Toys (Kids 4-6 years) - This is probably my own personal favorite toys for kids of the bunch this year due to the fact that these toys are both "coloring" toys and "play acting" toys.  Kids receive a set such as a house, a construction site, zoo, etc., and colors it and set it up the way they want.  Then they can use their colors as actual characters or parts of the environment with special attachments provided in the kit.  Fun stuff!  =)

4.  Disney Netpal Computer (Kids 6-12 years) - Nice.  As a parent I can truly appreciate this computer - it's a real PC for kids with a darling Disney theme and characters.  Plenty of parental control over internet surfing and email communications and has WiFi capabilities.  (I've been waiting to see this one!) This one comes in "Disney Princess Pink" and "Disney Blue".

5.  Jakks Girl Gourmet Sweets Candy Jewelry Kits (Girls 8-15 years) - Little ladies can create their own candy jewelry then decide whether they want to wear it - or eat it!  =)   Fun stuff and a creative toy for girls.

6.  Nanover Nanoscope Games (Kids 7-12 years) - I have to admit that I had a bit of trouble understanding this set of games - but that's probably because it's "over my head".  =)  At any rate, kids are loving these gamees - they can play together online with up to 4 "Nanoscopes" and more than 100 monsters can be played.

7.  Princess and the Frog "Tiana" (Girls 3-10 years) - There are a few different versions of this doll, but the most popular of them this year is the "Just one Kiss" version.  It allows girls to re-enact the cute scene from the movie and comes complete with frog.  Cute!  =)

8.  Printies Design Studio Toys (Kids 5 years and older) - This one also ranks among my own personal favorites.  Kids can design their own stuffed animals on the computer, print them out onto special fabric then put them together.  Custom designed stuffed animals made by the kids who will love them!  Fun and creative toy this year.  There are several different "Printies" kits to choose from.

9.  Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition (Kids 13 years and older) - The "Scene It?" game has become amazingly popular - lots of entertainment for kids and adults too.  This special "Twilight" version is predicted to be the favorite among kids 13 and older this year, and will likely make a great family game as well.

10.  Lego Star Wars - Battle of Endor (Kids 9-14 years) - Last (but perhaps not least) comes the Lego Star Wars battle of endor kit for kids.  This is a rather amazing collection of Legos that when put together can re-display the "Battle of Endor" scene from the movie Star Wars.  Lots of great reviews and hours and hours of fun for kids.

Well folks - there you have the Top 10 Toys for kids for 2009-2010 - if you're on the lookout for what are sure hits with kids -- the best toys for kids per reviews and predictions, these are certainly good bets.  =)

In future posts, I will be breaking the toys down by "boys", "girls" as well as by age groups - lots of info to come all about the most popular kids toys for the end of this year and into next.

All for now -

Tonya B.

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