Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 5 Toys for Kids Age 5, 6 & 7 - 2009-2010

For those of you who are shopping for a special child age 5, 6 or 7, on this page are listed the toys predicted to be the Top 5 Toys for Kids Age 5 to 7 for the Christmas Holiday season 2009 and into 2010:

1.  Zhu Zhu pets (Kids 3 years and up) - It's a bit difficult not to notice these when researching "top toys"!  =)  These are most definitely the top toys - not only in this age range but they appear to be the best selling toys for kids this year - period.  These are toy hamster pets - very lifelike, acting and making sounds like real hamsters.  They even have their own habitats to live in -- and yes, they are adorable.  =D

2.   7n1 Maxus Drago Bakugan Toy (Kids 5-15 Years) - When little lads fall into this age group, this is the type of toy that starts being "right up their alley".  Bakugan toys are very hot right now - and this is the "ultimate" of the whole lineup.  It's not a single Bakugan toy per se - it's actually 7 that combine to create the coolest Bakugan monster ever.  This is a sure bet for any child who loves Bakugan.

3.  Crayon Town Sets (Kids 4-6 years) - I personally love these the most due to the fact that this is a toy that truly incites creativity with kids.  Little ones can color and set up their own house and yard, zoo, construction site, etc. - then use the crayons as characters or pieces of the environment of the set!  (The sets come with attachments for the crayons that make them into little people, trees, etc.)  Nice toys and a good choice for almost any child in this age range.

4.  Disney Netpal Computer (Kids 6-12 Years) - This is a great "official" first computer for kids.  It is a real PC with a cute Disney theme.  It has Wi-Fi capabilities and is just like "mom and dad's" computer.  One thing that parents especially love about this is the fact that there is plenty of security over browsing and email communications so kids can use their computer without risk.  The Netpal comes in "Princess Pink" and "Disney Blue" colors.

5.   Printies Design Studio (Kids Age 5 and Older) - This is a great choice as a gift for a little girl who loves stuffed animals - or a little boy for that matter.  Kids can design their own stuffed animals on the computer then print them out onto special fabric and put them together.  Custom made stuffed animals for each child! There are a few different sets to choose from. (I love this one.)

The top 5 toys for kids age 5, 6 and 7 listed above were tested and researched by Toy Wishes magazine, and predicted to be some of the hottest sellers this Christmas season - and well into 2010.  By looking them over myself - I have to agree! 

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Tonya B.

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