Friday, November 14, 2014

2014 Toys to Make Your 4-Year Old Boy Happy

I have discovered after years of research and scouring every available resource that the best toys for boys age four are those that double as both something they can learn from and a creative outlet. These types of toys, knickknacks, and gadgets usually get the best reaction from youngsters, and they are designed for long-lasting display and play wherever your kiddo chooses.

This year was like any other where toys are concerned, as hundreds of brands are vying for the best of the best. However, after well-researching every available option and gathering first-hand experience of most of these toys, I have come up with a top 3 list of what I would consider the aforementioned best of the best for little boys.

These 3 awesome, entertaining and educational picks among the best toys for 4 year old boys are –


Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

Sometimes kids need to be reminded that they can have fun without indulging in the too-much technology of today’s world. What better a way than bike riding?

Only this is a balancing bike, specifically designed to teach kiddos how to balance before they begin riding a real bicycle.

The large wheels help kids stay upright and safe, and a gentle kick-off will send them gliding along so they can get the hang of bike-riding and balancing at the same time. However, instead of pedals, youngsters can stop themselves with their feet. A real ringing bell on the handlebar makes this bike even better!


Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo

Elmo has been a must-have for Sesame Street lovers for decades, as he is one of the most memorable, sweet monsters to ever grace that wholesome, educational television show.

He is also one of the biggest collectables ever, and toy companies are constantly making new toys from his visage.

This one is slightly different though, as Elmo can become a sea captain, king, or cowboy with the simple shift of a few hats.


VTech Innotab Max Tablet

For those times when tech-savviness comes in handy – these tablets are educational, fun, and perfect for rainy days indoors.

They take learning to new levels, as the combination of entertaining AND educational apps are abundant and easy to download with the simple press of a touch-screen icon.

There are over 650 downloads – each kid-friendly and exciting with a kid-oriented, parental-controlled WiFi network.

Additionally, a wrap-around, rubber bumper makes for easy-gripping protection against the usual bumps and booboos that could accompany accidental drops.


Find more in this video - 2014-2015's "best of" toys for four year old boys:

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