Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three of 2014's Best Family Board Games

When I was growing up – family bonding consisted of family game nights. A round of Monopoly would get our competitive spirits soaring, while Twister would have my siblings and me giggling and toppling over, and Jenga put our nerves on edge in the most positive ways.

There was so much fantastic fun to be had when we played some of the best board games for kids, but as a family.

Those same board games are still used to strengthen the bonds of millions of families around the world. Lucky for you – I have researched hundreds of board games to bring you the best three.

Those 3 family-bonding board games are –


Clue The Classic Edition 1949

Clue has been around since the beginning of the board game. Okay…maybe that is a small fib, but it HAS been around since (at least) 1949, which is where this classic edition came from – or at least is modeled after.

I am sure most of you have played Clue before, but if not – the objective is finding out who murdered who with what and where. Did Professor Plum take a tragic swing with a candlestick that ended the life of your victim? Or was it one of the other party guests? Tis’ your mission to find out!


Candy Land The Kingdom of Sweets Board Game

Candy Land is a classic game that is so simple and basic, but there are fantastic elements and characters that make it great for every age.

Dubbed the Kingdom of Sweets – this game focuses on the kidnapping and rescue of King Kandy. Lord Licorice is a jealous treat, and the kids of the kingdom have to venture through his twisted, cloying forest to find their beloved king and set him free.

This edition has been updated with new looks for the characters, board areas, and moving pieces.


Richard Scarry Busytown Eye Found It Game

Richard Scarry is another creative thinker who has been around forever in the gaming world. His brand is known for their takes on creative animals and people who interact in day-to-day situations, such as rabbits who wear business suits and venture to work to support their flourishing families.

You will likely see several of those in this game, as the board is lengthy, elaborate, and beautifully colored. The objective? Find the objects from the game card a player has drawn.

This is basically the Where’s Waldo of the modern generation.


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