Monday, November 10, 2014

LEGO Sets for Girly Little Dreamers, Architects, & Artists - 2014-2015 LEGO Sets for Girls

For decades – LEGO sets had a target audience of little boys and kid-at-heart collectors. However, a new demographic has emerged in the form of young ladies, and they have demanded – rather politely – to be gifted with equally as awesome, creative, imaginative playsets from LEGO. In response, the building block giants have released hundreds of girl-oriented LEGO sets, and I have researched each one to find for you (dear reader) the 3 best LEGO sets for girls.

The following playsets are perfect for the little dreamers, artists, and architects in your life. Whether your girly-girl wants to be a pretty princess or an adventurous explorer, there are LEGO Friends playsets for every little lady imaginable.


LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Set 2014

Advent calendars have been around for years, and they are a must-have for youngsters (and kids-at-heart) who need something to count down the days before Christmas. As if the excitement and anticipation is not enough. Wink!

Each of these calendars are equipped with 24 compartments, and within each compartment is a LEGO Friends gift. This present could be anything, but the favorites are a Christmas tree, reindeer, Santa Claus, and fireplace.

Kids can use the gifts they get from the Advent Calendar to enhance their existing LEGO Friends collections.


LEGO Friends Sunshine Harvest

Olivia loves to play in the sunshine, and autumn is her favorite time of year – aside from spring, of course. How come? Well – every time this LEGO Friend has the opportunity, she plants and harvests a bountiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Her doggy buddy, Charlie, enjoys helping her in her gardens, and she hauls everything to the market in a real, drivable tractor (that your kiddo can build).

There are over 233 building bricks featured, including Olivia and Charlie figurines. Your youngster simply provides the imagination and sunshine!


LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle Set

Yes – I was indeed one of those little girls who adored, loved, and admired everything about being, wanting to be, or becoming a beautiful princess. I loved the color pink and danced around in lacy costumes with a big crown on my head. I also loved the thrill of knights, kings, kingdoms, and everything medieval – which is why I absolutely cannot get enough of this LEGO Castle Set.

In pretty pinks, there are over 150 building bricks that allow your own little princess to put together a thriving castle of loyal servants, maidens, damsels, knights, princes, and (of course) a king.


Here is a fun little video (yay!) - if you need further ideas on various LEGO sets that are popular with girls this year:

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