Friday, November 21, 2014

3 Crayola Toys for Little Art-Loving Ladies & Gentlemen in 2014-2015

When Crayola first appeared on the scene – they were simple crayons in varying colors, and kids LOVED them. Over the decades, this gigantic, amazing company has flourished, finding their niche in creative, imaginative toys that make quite an impact in the lives of millions of artsy, crafty kids.

Because of these art-loving ladies and gentlemen, the brand has evolved into something more than simply crayon manufacturers – now they make entire artistic sets to inspire and motivate.

With this in mind, I have made a short-list of the best Crayola toys for those little lads and lasses. These are top-notch sets – THE BEST – and they are designed to inspire a long-lasting love and passion for arts and crafts.

The 3 most amazing, cherished Crayola toys are –


Crayola Dome Light Designer

This Crayola favorite, my dear readers, is a must-have dome of pure creative, imaginative fun.

Constructed from durable, versatile plastic, the dome is perfect for drawing on, and there are special markers that accompany each designer set.

Kids can draw anything they wish, and then the dome lights up from the inside, making the pictures and patterns move in a colorful array of 360-degree artistry.

Furthermore, the colors are especially vibrant, reflecting on the walls in a darker room with lighter surfaces. Kids will love the freedom of drawing whatever they can think of and then watching those drawings come to life.


Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center

The Activity Center is both a creative outlet and educational tool that kids can use to better their learning, counting, and drawing skills.

There are over 2 dozen games and activities to do – each on dry-erase surfaces, so they can be played and repeated over and over again. The dry-erase templates are interchangeable with a simple lay-over design that makes drawing, writing, and erasing easy.

Some of the games include 3-dimensional checkers, alphabet memorization, and basic math skills. Plus, on the Crayola website, there are hundreds of other dry-erase activities available for free printing.


Crayola Inspiration Art Case

One of my all-time, absolute favorites – this Art Case is a mega-artistic outlet that kids can use to express their uniqueness and flourishing creativity.

There are more than 150 pieces within the case, including crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, pristine white paper, multicolored markers, and plain pencils. The case itself is portable with a convenient, handy-dandy handle, making it easier to transport art supplies and artwork anywhere.

These are definitely must-have cases for the little dreamers and creative thinkers in your life.


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