Friday, November 14, 2014

NERF & Their Zombie Strike Collection for 2014

Nerf (or NERF – however you feel it should be capitalized) has been around for decades, and they are a tried-and-true brand that constantly pumps out awesome classics every year. Some of the originals have gotten serious upgrades to rank with their newest collections, and others have stayed the same because they are simply unsurpassably amazing.

Though, this year was a bit different for Nerf, as their new collection is all about imagining and eliminating backyard combat with the walking undead.

There Zombie Strike assortment of weaponry is beyond WOW – but there are 3 that could be considered the best NERF guns 2014.

Those 3 are –


NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

Where zombies are concerned – I totally place all my faith in this crossbow, at least when those zombies are imaginary. There is real crossbow action with a pull-back string and trigger fire, and a grand total of 4 firm Zombie Strike darts are included.

These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor playtime, as the darts are have a gentle composition that is non-injurious and soft on impact. In your youngster’s mind, they can easily take down the toughest of zombies with this crossbow (similar in fashion to beloved Daryl from The Walking Dead).


NERF Zombie Strike Slingfire Blaster

I love the composition of the Slingfire because it reminds me of old BB guns from yesteryear – the kind that were lever-action and took some strength to engage and fire, but I digress.

These blasters are unique because they include capabilities to launch 6 firm-touch, soft-impact darts, and you can separately snag a tactile rail to improve the Slingfire’s awesomeness.

For those who would rather leave lever-action elsewhere, there is a flick-ready cocking mechanism that kids can simply flip with one hand to prepare for zombie battle.


NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

My personal favorite – the Doublestrike is a unique blaster that is basically the last stand of a tried-and-true zombie hunter.

Imagine – You are down to your last ammunition when a pair of zombies ambush you from different angles. With your final 2 darts, you nail the zombies, taking them down and saving your life for another day.

The up side? These darts can be recollected and reused on more undead enemies. The compact design is easy for kids to use one-handed, and the base is wrapped to make the blaster look as if a zombie hunter has been using it awhile.


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