Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Most Unique & Innovative RC Cars for Kids for 2014-2015

Remote-controlled cars have been around for decades, and they remain one of the most popular, always asked for Christmas list toys. They have also flourished in popularity, and brands are attempting to make the most out of innovative, unique designs by combining classic concepts and modern materials.

With this in mind – I set out to hand-pick a top 10 of the best RC cars for kids these days. After gathering information and researching through personal experience with awesome remote-controlled cars, I narrowed that top 10 down to a top-notch, best of the best 3.

The following 3 RC cars are an absolute BLAST for youngsters of all ages, and their unique designs keep them interesting.


Kid Galaxy Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

Bump and Chuck are a pair of outrageous, adventurous characters from Kid Galaxy, and their sole mission is bumping and chucking one another from their bumper cars. How so? Well – these two awesome characters get into a remote-controlled war of bumping, bashing, and clunking with spinning, spiraling, and twisting cars. When whacked hard enough, the drivers eject forcefully from their seats, and the one who is left in the seat is the winner. This is a great RC game for both adults and kids, and they are simply fun to drive around when you get tired of chasing and being chased.


Kid Galaxy RC Gator Vehicle

I want to take a minute to express how much I positively, absolutely, wholeheartedly LOVE the Gator Vehicle! This amazing remote-controlled car has the defining features of an alligator, such as the sharp teeth and mossy-green skin. And like an alligator, these vehicles can travel anywhere on any terrain – water, sand, dirt, or whatever, and the rugged, thick tires get them through every single time.


Air Hogs RC Zero Gravity Laser Racer

Another must-have favorite of mine – the Laser Racer is an instant classic that features the best of the best when it comes to gravity-defying technology. Instead of simply racing across the floor, these remote-controlled cars are perfect for zero-gravity smooth-rolling and riding across the ceiling and up the walls. The car actually chases down the laser, and instead of the car being remote-controlled, you conveniently control the lasers that those cars chase. This RC set absolutely defies everything you knew about gravity, making you rethink the scientific theories you learned as a kid. Perfect for both youngsters and those young-at-heart!


Also going back to the subject of that top 10 list - here is a video I put together with the top 5 R/C cars for kids 2014-2015, based mainly on popularity and also considering reviews:

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