Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Three Best Toy Boxes for Your Kiddo's Playroom 2014

When I was a youngster, I had a playroom dedicated to all my toys at my grandmother’s house, and I was convinced that this was the same everywhere, for every kid. And as I grew up, I did discover that many children have their own playrooms, or similar areas in their home where they stow-away toys – not always in their designated bedroom.

While other kids strew their toys everywhere, throughout the house – something that may drive some parents loopy.

Regardless of where your youngster decides to play, there is always the chance of a toy pile-up, which brings me to my nominations for the 3 best toy boxes for your cutie’s ‘playroom.’

And those toy box nominations are:


KidKraft Austin Toy Box

I love the Austin Toy Boxes because they are so classic, timeless, and perfect for any décor in your youngster’s playroom or bedroom. Or really, anywhere in the house!

Their sleek lines are expertly carved, sanded, and stained or painted a variety of enticing, intriguing colors. Plus – the most important fact – they are the go-to in depth capacity for any kid that has a room brimming with too many toys.

Furthermore, these toy boxes feature no-pinch safety hinges, connecting the slabs of wood together without risking a boo-boo on your baby. My rating? 10 out of 10 for sheer awesomeness, function, and classic practicality.


Sunny Safari Storage Bench

Perfect for matching a central theme of your baby’s bedroom or playroom, these toy boxes double as sitting benches with a high-back for comfort and stability.

Their uniqueness comes from hand-paintings of adorable monkeys, happy giraffes, and jumping zebras – and there are birdies and butterflies everywhere in the warm meadows and blue skies.

The interior has a deep, lengthy capacity that offers perfect storage protection for a variety of your kiddo’s favorite playthings.

These boxes are definitely the cutest on my list, and they are guaranteed to be long-lasting.


Step2 Lift and Roll Toy Box

As I mentioned before, most kids’ ‘playrooms’ are wherever they please, and those locations may change on a day-to-day basis. These toy boxes are convenient and handy for toddlers, as they can lift and bring them wherever they want at any given time.

Each box features a spacious depth of 3-feet for knickknacks and favorite toys, and the entirety of each box is uniquely lightweight – despite overflowing with stuffed animals, building blocks, or action figures.


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