Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Three of the Best Toys for Girls in 2014

When you have raised nothing but little boys – the task of finding really great girls' toys can be daunting. Do little ladies love fashion as much as tween magazines would have us believe? Or are they more the tomboys that we see in movies? How about those pint-size artists with amazing creative skills? In my experience, little girls are all of these things and none of them, as each flourishing sweetheart is different with unique interests in education, entertainment, and toys.

With that in mind – I strived to make the most out of the toys in this short-list of 3 among the list of best toys for girls this year. Instead of focusing on one avenue of interest, each of these toys are perfect for any type of little lady, as there is something for everyone.


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Available in either stunning green, cool blue, or pretty pink – these Smartwatches are everything you would expect for your tech-savvy kiddo.  You may be of the mindset that wrist-watches are strictly for time-telling, because I was too – but then the Smartwatch completely changed my mind.

There are 4 learning games within this device, making it easy for kids to have educational fun while utilizing wearable technology. There are over 50 clock face designs, a bright LCD touch-screen, and a video/voice recorder that serves as a creative outlet.


Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin (Cinderella’s Puppy)

Drum roll, please! Introducing….PUMPKIN! This cool, super-cute creature is the magical little puppy of the one, the only, Cinderella.

Who knew, right?

She spins, twirls, dances, casts magical spells, and charms her new friends – all with a sparkling remote-controlled, magic wand.

 Additionally, for the further amusement of your Disney-loving youngster, Pumpkin speaks 9 unique phrases and sings a slew of sing-along songs.


Furby Boom Crystal Series

BOOM! Can you believe that the Furby is back?

So adorable and more unique than ever before, these Furby cuties are from the Crystal collection – a selection of super-awesome critters with bright gemstones as ears and paws. However, while each Furby is different and beautiful in appearance, their real marks of amazing are their personalities.

These furry little monsters have original personalities and traits that are determined by how they are treated. The whole nature versus nurture thing, but this is totally nurture. When Furby is treated badly or neglected, they turn out mean with nasty attitudes. But when Furby is treated with love and care, they turn out super-sweet and adorably loving, as well.


Here is another great resource - a slideshow with a pick of the top 5 reviewed (that are also popular) toys for girls this year:

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