Sunday, November 2, 2014

The 2014 Guide to Toys for 3-Year Old Boys

As someone who has been through the childhoods of many a youngster, I take personal pride in being able to identify exactly what toy might provide the ultimate entertaining experience to little lads and lasses. And truthfully, I found that toddlers are easier to satisfy in the fun department, particularly around the critical age of 3.

My observation - toddler boys are especially prone to playing with and learning from everything, soaking information up as if they were little sponges on a mission for more knowledge.

With this in mind – I scoured the inter-webs and local stores for the ten best toys for 3 year old boys, and of that list, I hand-picked a chosen, fantastical 3.

The following trio of boys’ toys are perfect for toddlers because they are educational, amusing, and some are simply too-cute to pass up:


VTech Innotab Max Tablet

In the beginning of the tech-savvy era – I, admittedly, thought tablets and technology for kids would be a bad idea. However, I retract every doubt I ever had – because while some technical gadgets ARE a bad idea, others are shining beacon for kids who crave learning in every avenue of their lives.

This tablet is one such gadget that I can totally encourage, as it features kid-friendly WiFi, customizable parental controls, and every single game of the over-100 downloads has an educational focus.


Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

When I was a kid, I actually rode down a flight of stairs without training wheels on my bicycle because I thought the steps would level the bike and make me better at balancing. Boy, was I wrong! However, you can save your kiddo from making the same assumption – and getting the same scars – with a bike that takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect balance.

This bicycle focuses entirely on balancing, which means no pedaling or training wheels, and kids can practice as often as they like to prepare for riding a real bike one day.


Sesame Street – Let’s Imagine Elmo

Elmo has always been a favorite of mine and millions of others! His adorable, high-squeaky voice is memorable, and his life lessons are practical – kids can learn from him.

There have been hundreds of Elmo toys in the past, but this is a must-have, instant classic because instead of numbers and shapes, Elmo is teaching kids how to use their imaginations to the fullest. …and it all starts with a collection of hats.


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