Friday, November 21, 2014

Fantastic Kids' Toys that Make a Lasting Impression - 2014-2015 Top Picks

The "hot top 10" among toys for kids in 2014 have been a mash-up of tech-savvy, artistically creative, imaginative, and educational - the types of fantastic toys that make a long-lasting impression. These knickknacks and gadgets are beautifully crafted by experts in the fields of kiddo personalities and interests, as well as awesome toy composition.

And out of a list of the best - the top 10 toys for kids – I have compiled a shorter selection of 3.

Consider these 3 the best of the best – those that make the most positive impact while having the ability to outlast the usual duration of your youngster’s childhood. There are toys that make memories, as kids – when adults – are likely to look back and think, “I remember those and they were awesome!”

Without further ado – the 3 aforementioned fantastic kids’ toys are –


Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo

Imaginative and creative – Elmo has always been one of the best from the Sesame Street crew (in my opinion). There are a trio of great hats that kiddos can use to spruce up their Elmo doll’s appearance, imagining him to be one of four amazing characters. He can sail the Seven Seas of imagination as a Sea Captain, wrangle your youngster’s creative thinking as a cowboy, and he can outshine the brightest kingdoms in a princely crown. Or kids can remove the hats altogether to make Elmo the best monster of all – himself.


LEGO Bricks and More Creative Bucket

There are over 600 building bricks in each of these tote-around Creative Buckets. I simply love the concept and name of these LEGO buckets because there are so many things a youngster can do with just a few hundred bricks. Additionally, these blocks are multicolored in true LEGO fashion, and there are at least 300 bright blue, rare bricks that kids will love. The cool thing about the tote-around bucket is it looks like a gigantic LEGO brick itself, leaving no doubt of where kiddos put their building blocks when they’re finished playing.


Zoomer Dino – Boomer

Zoomer Dinos are intriguing because they combine tech-savviness with the prehistoric awesomeness of archeological finds. In other words – T-Rexes are naturally amazing, but robot T-Rexes are twice as brilliant. This one is named Boomer, and he has a knack for learning new tricks, chasing his friends, and fetching his bone. Beware though – this adorable dinosaur hates when his lengthy, powerful tail is pulled. Plus, Boomer loves making new friends, and he can roar with the best of them.


Here is a video - the "hot list" overall of toys for the kiddos - Christmas of 2014 and into next year:

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