Friday, November 21, 2014

The Best LEGO Sets for 3 Year Olds in 2014

LEGO is one of the most popular worldwide brands for building bricks, their products are creative, imaginative, and perfect for toddlers everywhere. While some LEGO sets have themes, there are those that feature a simple array of colorful, versatile building bricks, making creation and imagination overflow with opportunities and possibilities.

I have researched over and over again, attempting to find the absolute best LEGO sets for those hard-playing little lads and lasses. The following DUPLO sets are my findings, condensed into a handy-dandy, top-notch list of 3 from the best LEGOs for 3 year olds this year.

These building bricks are slightly larger than average LEGOs, making them perfect for small hands, easy grasps, and learning hand-eye coordination.


LEGO DUPLO My First Circus

Ringmasters, tightrope walkers, and clowns – Oh my! There are dozens of ways kiddos could pretend and play with the circus LEGO set.

Comprised of pillars, umbrella, fences, and over 60 colorful, chunky building bricks – this set is inclusive of your youngster’s favorite animals, such as elephants, horses, and lions.

Kids are the ringleaders, creating and urging their performers to perform daring, amazing feats that wow and delight the audience.


LEGO DUPLO My First Garden

When I and my sisters were kids, we would often assist our grandmother in her garden. She loved the fragrances of fresh-grown blossoms and vegetables, and she passed down the love of gardening to me.

Over the years, I have added fruits to my lengthy list of homegrown awesomeness, and my personal experiences with gardening are why the My First Garden set are awesome.

When I saw this set, my memories came flooding back, and they were some of the fondest memories I have. This set could do the same for your youngsters, giving them those fond memories to relive when they are well-into their adulthoods.


LEGO DUPLO Creative Ice Cream

There is nothing better than a waffle-cone brimming with the best ice cream on a warm springtime afternoon or a sweltering summer evening. For me, chocolate chip cookie dough is the absolute best – but your kiddo would probably have unique thoughts on the subject of ice cream flavor favorites.

This set gives little ladies and gentlemen the opportunities to create their own towering ice cream cones. The scoops snap onto the cones, growing in heights that are topped with delicious, decadent sprinkles and sauces. Yum!

Too bad these creative ice cream cones are made from plastic.


Here is a nifty little video for Christmas 2014 and into 2015 - top picks in LEGOs for 3 year olds:

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