Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Train Sets for Youngsters & Kids-at-Heart

In my experience – train sets for kids are also perfect for kids-at-heart. Those who have always loved the idea of trains and have collected different sets for years. These range from toddler-sized to G-gauge realistic, and they work beautifully with well-oiled wheels and run-around tracks from sleek black or handcrafted wood.

There are literally hundreds of trains to choose from every year, and train-lovers at heart know their ideal train set whenever the feeling strikes them.

I have compiled a short-list of 3 from 2014's best train sets for kids – each great for youngsters and kids-at-heart. These sets are innovative and unique, providing a soothing, stress-relieving, creative outlet to little boys, girls, and grown-ups alike.


Lionel Polar Express G-Gauge Train Set

Polar Express was indeed an amazing, animated movie, and one of my Christmas favorites – however, the book was even better!

Dubbed the Polar Express because of adventurous travels throughout the world with Santa Claus, this train is extremely detailed with intricate steam locomotive features. There are genuine train sounds, such as a whistle and bell, and the headlights really work.

Plus, the Polar Express is remote-controlled, perfectly weaving around an elaborate, sleek track.


KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

This train set is one of my personal favorites because it features a spiffy table where kids can lay out their tracks and scenic landscapes.

There are grassy, green knolls, beautiful, blue lakes, awesome bridges, and a large, wooden track that can be renovated with new twists and unique turns.

There are also over 100 colorful pieces that allow instant customization to any track or scenery, and these sets are compatible with both Thomas the Train wooden trains or Brio wooden tracks.

Additionally, there are two bins beneath the table for convenient, quick storage.


Ginzick Super Fun RC Classic Electric Train Set

This classic, electric train set is beautifully sleek and handcrafted with a durable, smooth, remote-controlled composition. There are 12 curvaceous tracks that weave perfectly, and these dozen tracks are all a massive part of the 21 piece train set.

So – what makes this train set unique and innovative?

While kids (and collectors) can still use their imaginations to make the most out of their train experience, the actual train adds real sounds, smoking stacks, and working headlights.

Each locomotive is made up of 4 5 cars, including a passenger car, oil car, and caboose. Plus, the transmitter is high-quality enough to reach from several feet away.


For 2014, here is a fun little video with the listed "top 5" among train sets:

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