Friday, November 21, 2014

Under $20: Awesome Toys on a Budget in 2014-2015

I have talked with thousands of parents, guardians, older siblings – everyone who has or would ever need to purchase an awesome gift for a little girl or boy in their lives. And one of the biggest pet peeves I have encountered has been this – some toys are simply too expensive and kids never play with them long enough, or are happy enough with those expensive toys, to warrant the expense.

Lucky for all of us facing the approach of Christmas – I have hand-chosen a triple threat of the best toys under $20. These are all AWESOME toys, as their quality is amazing, but they are less expensive than what would usually dominate a kiddo’s holiday wish list.


Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands

These headbands are some of my favorites for a number of reasons, such as being fashionable and trendy, wearable, and perfect for unleashing the creative ingenuity of your cool kid.

There are several plain, multicolored headbands with sleek, smooth surfaces, and gentle bristles that keep hair back while being comfortable.

Youngsters can adorn these headbands with dozens of smooth, colorful ribbons, sparkling gemstones, flourishing flowers, and soft feathers. Plus, they are super-durable for long-lasting wear with any ensemble.


Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad – My Town

Imagine being the creator of your own town! That is exactly what kids can do with this reusable sticker pad.

Dubbed the ‘My Town’ edition – there are several sleek, smooth surfaces that feature drawn backgrounds of different buildings and areas that you would see in a typical town.

There are also over 50 reusable stickers – decals, really – that stick perfectly to the surfaces, creating awesome scenes where imaginary townies can roam.

Additionally, the stickers never lose their “sticky,” as they are mostly cling-style for simple placement and removal.


LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

This set is a great way for kids to be in the kitchen with you while you’re cooking or preparing dinner, but without being underfoot. Simply stick the Phonics bus to your fridge magnetically.

There are 26 interactive letters and a tile reader that teaches kids – out loud – how to say and sound out each letter.

The awesome little frog sings the Alphabet song, as well – and there are lessons for early vocabulary, getting kids interested in reading from a young age.

This set also teaches little ones how to be self-motivated and independent when it comes to their studies.


Find a wonderful list of the top 10 toys for kids under $20 - updated yearly:

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