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The Best Transformer Toys from Age of Extinction

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One of the best movies this year (in my opinion) was Transformers: Age of Extinction. There were action-packed, powerful moments, brimming with what-happens-next excitement that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

I have, admittedly, found the other Transformers films slightly lacking, but the dinosaurs and robotics were simply too amazing not to love in Age of Extinction.

For this reason, it should come as no surprise that I have picked the best Transformers toys to commemorate the best Transformers film of the year.

These toys are action-packed and close to the movie characters:


Transformers Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock

Grimlock is a mighty, loyal, fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex that also happens to be a robot. This edition of Grimlock has been dubbed the Stomp and Chomp because of his powerful stomping abilities and strong chomping skills.

He is guaranteed to vanquish the enemies of his friend and master, Optimus Prime, tenfold, and his robotic composition is similar to that of a realistic T-Rex.

For when times get tough and rivals have the Transformers surrounded, Grimlock transforms into a gigantic, towering warrior with a bronze-toned blade.


Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee

In the movie – Bumblebee was a little jealous of his likeness being displayed in museums and science facilities. Scientists and admirers called the new cars “cooler than Bumblebee” and said “Bumblebee who?” which hurt his feelings, and he transformed, taking on a new, more elaborate design with vivid, gorgeous colors.

Additionally, he evolved his weaponry, becoming faster, fiercer, and quicker witted than ever before.

This Bumblebee, of course, morphs and shifts effortlessly from his sports car form to his robotic mode. He also knows when to be a joking, adorable friend, and when to prepare for an epic Decepticon battle.


Transformers Age of Extinction Voyager Class Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

You are probably growing tired of me saying the phrase “well…in the movie…” but bear with me, because here is another great moment from the film.

Optimus Prime is driving along the highway, evading the federal agents and government officials who seek to do him harm, and he must hide his current appearance. He chooses a semi-truck on the road and takes some of their components, upgrading his look with new colors, chrome accents, and epic weaponry.

His shifting ability is flawless, as he goes from brand-new semi-truck to capable robot and leader of the Transformers in no time.


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