Monday, November 3, 2014

This Year's Top 3 Toys for Every Boy

"Boys will be boys." We have all heard that phrase thousands of times over, describing the sometimes rebellious, mostly amusing acts of little lads as they search for their independence and unique personality, separate from that of their parents, guardians, siblings, and friends. However, "boys will be boys" can mean dozens of different things, especially when those little cuties are rambunctious, creative, imaginative, and ambitious in every way.

For the versatile, diverse, awesome kiddos in your life who prove time and time again that indeed boys will be boys, I have hand-picked 3 of the best from a list of top 10 toys for boys. These knickknacks and gadgets are supreme perfection for young gentlemen of varied ages, and they give your pint-sized princes a sense of self-confidence.

So, for 2014, the 3 best toys for little boys are:


Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball

Basketball is one of the must-haves for little boys! Why? Because it is such an active and interactive sport, and this particular set promotes social development, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

There are 6 adjustable heights, which means the hoop grows as your youngster does. For outdoor playtime, the base of the basketball hoop can be weighted with sand or water, making it stable and sturdier – regardless of inclement weather.


Transformers Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock

Transformers are, of course, a fantastic, fanatic favorite, and Age of Extinction was one of the films that I enjoyed the most. There are tons of robotic dinosaurs and might warriors in the movie – Grimlock being both of those.

He starts out as a bulky, chunky, rebellious T-Rex with a powerful chomp and stomping strength. Which is his first formation in this awesome toy. From there, with newfound loyalty to Optimus Prime, Grimlock becomes a noble, fierce warrior robot with a blade that slices, chops, and destroys the bad guys.


LEGO Bricks and More Creative Bucket

Imaginative, colorful, and oh-so-creative – the Creative Bucket is obviously aptly named, as there are hundreds of amazing structures that little builders can construct.

There are over 600 multicolored building bricks in a convenient, tote-anywhere bucket that resembles a gigantic LEGO block itself.

For kids who need a job when it comes to creative thinking, there also accompanies an instructional manual with inspirational ideas for unique, intriguing buildings. Also included are over 300 rare, bright blue building bricks that you would otherwise have to purchase separately from a more expensive set.


Here is a video that you might find more helpful to find what just might be the best toys for for your young lad this year:

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