Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014's Upgraded Toys for Modern Young Ladies

Every year is unique when it comes to what modern young ladies are looking for in terms of toys – after all, there are hundreds of things a little girl would want to be and do. There are pretty, pint-sized princesses – awesome, creative little artists – architects, adventurers, and explorers – and so many other personalities with everything mixed in together to form the uniqueness of your youngster.

Because each little lady is different in their quest for the perfect toys, I have compiled a short-list of the top 3 modern knickknacks and gadgets. However – there is a twist! Instead of simply being modern, the best girls toys 2014 have been revamped and upgraded from classic concepts.

These 3 classic-to-contemporary toys for girls are –


Furby Boom Crystal Series

Furby has actually been around for quite some time, but they recently underwent a massive upgrade, giving kids more of a customizable friend than a furry toy. What makes these adorable creatures so unique are the way they interact with youngsters.

They are beautifully colored and fuzzy, and the Crystal collection features gemstone ears and feet to match the Furby fur.

Moods determine their personalities! For instance, if your kiddo neglects their newfound furry friend or acts meanly, Furby develops quite a horrendous, snotty attitude. However, when new friends are nice to their Furby, they develop a uniquely sweet and loving disposition.


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Smartwatches are exactly what you would expect from the name – only way better. Beautifully colored in a rainbow array of rubber bumpers, these watches are perfect for teaching and learning time-telling (either digital or analog), and they feature over 50 clock face designs for customization to match your youngster’s unique personality.

However, that is where their similarity to traditional wrist-watches end. Their more unique features include a video/photography camera, voice recorder, and 4 exciting, learning games.


Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll

You might be asking yourself – ‘how is this doll an upgraded toy for modern kids?’ Well – think about it for a moment. Usually, dolls are associated with Barbie or baby dolls, which means Disney Frozen dolls are a play on whatever you think of when you think of playhouse dolls.

Anna is one of the two sisters from Frozen, and she has the sweetest, most free-spirited disposition of the duo.

Her doll likeness is dressed in Arendelle garb that sparkles and shines, and she is well on her way to saving her sister from the depths of snowy depression.


Here is a fun little video "short" - a top 5 of list of the best toys for girls of all ages this year:

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