Friday, November 14, 2014

LEGO Sets for Boyish Pint-Size Builders and Creative Thinkers

Once a LEGO fanatic – always a LEGO fanatic!

The best LEGO toys are those that can be enjoyed for generations, from father to son, from son to sibling, and from siblings to friends – and basically every which way you turn the family tree. LEGO is perfect for everyone and anyone of all ages, but the best LEGO sets for boys are often mingled with themes.

They range from Minecraft to Ghostbusters and a mash-up of colorful building bricks with endless creative and imaginative possibilities.

I have short-listed 3 favorites of myself and millions of others – each one perfect for delighting, exciting, and encouraging pint-size, boyish builders and creative thinkers.


LEGO Bricks & More Creative Bucket

The Creative Bucket is one of my favorites because there are over 600 colorful, vibrant building bricks to encourage a kiddo’s imagination. Kids can make absolutely anything they can think of, from animals to buildings and super-cool robots – and each structure is solid, vivid, and beautifully constructed by your expert little craftsmen.

For anywhere playtime, these building bricks fit conveniently into an accommodating tote-around storage container. Plus, an instructional, inspirational booklet acts as your youngster’s muse when he needs a boost in a creative direction.


LEGO Minecraft The Village

Since beginning in 2012, Minecraft has become one of the most popular, best video games for young children. Why? Because it promotes deep-thinking skills and problem-solving.  Now, the same kids who love a good game of Minecraft on their video game systems can bring those moments to their play areas.

This LEGO set is pint-sized for easy-grasping by smaller hands, and there are over 100 colorful bricks for remodeling, rearranging, and constantly rebuilding The Village from Minecraft.

Included are 2 mini-figurines! One is, of course, a villager, and the other is a roaming, wandering zombie from the nearby cemetery.


LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1

From an early age, I taught my kiddo that if there is something strange in the neighborhood, Ghostbusters were the ones to call. Wink!

Ghostbusters was EPIC when I was younger, because the idea of ghost-hunting was relatively new and unique. Now, our youngsters can get in on the ghpst-busting action with a buildable Ecto-1 – the ghost-busting car that the Ghostbusters use to get from one mission to another.

There are proton packs and workable features galore, and each of the Ghostbusters (in figurine form) is along for the ride. This would also be an awesome play-set for those kids-at-heart (like me)!


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